Wednesday, 24 June 2009

K is for... KISS King Kong

Here is today's entry in the Ape to Z of Awesomeness!

K is for... KISS KING KONG

Also, you can't see them, but Kamandi and Kitty Pryde are flying the biplanes.

Thanks go to creator of awesome and funny comics Dave Goodman who suggested the idea for today's entry, over on the Facebook Group. I also really liked "Kamandi Kung-Fu Kicking Kite-Man Into King Kong's Knee While Kissing Kendra The Vampire Slayer", but unfortunately it came in slightly too late, and I'd already decided to go with the Super-Sized Simmonds Simian.

Why not suggest some awesome stuff for future entries yourself? You can throw ideas at me ideas on Facebook, Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus.... I do try to keep track of it all, honestly.

More Awesomeness tomorrow!


  1. No one... no ones said it yet... ok... KKK...

  2. Dude, you HAVE to open a t-shirt shop or upload these images as tees to or a similar webshop!
    They'd sell like crazy! Hell, I'd even buy a small stack as birthday gifts for friends

  3. This is awesome - my upcoming K post is also King Kong incidentally ;)