Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Whole Mess o' Santas

Hey, I fell a bit behind posting my Santas-of-the-Day, so here's a catchup!

No. 12: Mr. Darcy Santa

Mr. Darcy Santa

"He finds the question of whether you've been naughty or nice to be frankly beneath his consideration."
No. 13: Santa Strange (Earth's Santa Supreme, Master of the Festive Arts)

Santa Strange


Santa Hulk

No. 15: Morris-Dancing Santa

Morris-Dancing Santa

That last one was requested by my Mum.

Just. Don't. Ask.

In other Santa-related news, you may remember Ninja Santa (above) from last year's flurry of christmassy activity - anyway, he is currently endorsing the highly entertaining festive mashup exravaganza 'Ninja Christmas Megamix' by Snake Eyes. Go have a listen, it's ace.

AND FINALLY, as a bonus extra Christmas present to the world in general, James and I just released a new episode of our podcast, Unified Review Theory, in which we review the concept of free will, Mario Kart Wii and the year 2009, all while playing videogames. Hilarity ensues! Well, a bit. Go check it out on the URT blog, or heck, just have a listen here:

Gosh, what a long blog post. And that's without even mentioning my MASSIVE, UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME NEWS. Plenty of time for that.

Another Santa tomorrow!

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