Monday, 4 April 2011

C is for... Cute Cyborgs, Crying

C is for... Cute Cyborgs Crying

Here is today's adorable entry in the A-Z of Awesome Japan! I'm drawing one of these every day, for every letter in the alphabet, and I'd very much appreciate it if you'd sponsor me in this effort. It's for rather a good cause.

Today's entry was a bit of a combination of suggestions from, if memory serves, Deirdre Ruane and K. D. Bryan - thanks chaps! To contribute an idea for future entries in the A-Z, please fire suggestions at me via Twitter, Facebook or right here in the comments on this blog.

Today's annotations: the crying cyborgs in question are, clockwise from top:

  • 8-Man, a cyborg superhero created in 1963 by Kazumasa Hirai and manga artist Jiro Kuwata (who, hey, was also the artist on the 1960's Batman manga we touched on in Friday's entry). "He is considered Japan's earliest cyborg superhero".
  • Motoko Kusanagi, the lead character in the anime series Ghost in the Shell, based on Matsumune Shirow's manga. She is a cyborg, right?
  • Tetsuo, the antagonist (or if you look at it another way, the protagonist) from Katsuhiro Otomo's superlative-exhausting manga series Akira. Which is still the best-looking comic anyone anywhere has ever drawn, ever, and if you disagree I've got a book sat here on my desk that proves how terribly wrong you are. I can't actually remember if Tetuso was technically a cyborg, but he has a very cyborg-looking arm. So that's good enough for me.
C is also for Chibi, which is what this drawing is.

Another entry tomorrow! And EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, good lord.


  1. My comment disappeared...

    Great Job! For L perhaps "L is for L and Luffy Licking Lollipops" :D Anything Japan you have to have some One Piece Love.

  2. Cute CHIBI Cyborgs Crying! Charming as can be! I compliment and cheer your cuddly creative content!