Thursday, 7 April 2011


KAPOW flyer

Hey - it's a bit last-minute I know, but I'm going to be at Kapow! Comic Con! in London this weekend - selling copies of Mo-Bot High, doing sketches, and hanging out with some nice comics-y people.

That's the idea, anyway. I'm slightly terrified about the event; worried I'm going to be beaten up by a crowd of sneering 'Kick-Ass' cosplayers. So if you're there, and are not a randomly violent sneering 'Kick-Ass' cosplayer, please come along and say hello! And if you ARE a randomly violent sneering 'Kick-Ass' cosplayer, come over and say hello anyway. Just please don't punch me.

Joining me at my table will be my good comics buddies Jason Cobley (on the Saturday) and Daniel Hartwell (on the Sunday). So I can always hide behind them I suppose. We'll be at table 95 - and I quote: "below where the Tardis and Darleks (sic) are on the floor plan".


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