Thursday, 2 July 2009

S is for... Sulu and Spiral Swashbuckling in Space (with Several Serrated Swords)

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness!

S is for... Sulu and Spiral Swashbuckling in Space

Today's pic was suggested by K. D. Bryan, so thanks to him / her! Spiral is a slightly obscure x-men villain. Sulu is the Dopest Motherf*&#er in Starfleet. That's about all you need to know.

Thanks to all who've enquired about purchasing either the original art or prints of these pictures. I'm afraid that a) I produce them digitally and b) they are of copyrighted characters, so either option is unfortunately impossible. Yes, I have cunningly undertaken this whole project in such a way as to make it absolutely impossible for me to make any money out of it. I am quite the commercial genius, thank you.

More awesomeness tomorrow! If you want to suggest idaes for future entries yourself, you can do so on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus!


  1. I wish I had come up with this one. Damn.

  2. Triumph and Tomorrow Woman terrfically terrorize the Thunderbolts!

  3. Sulu makes everything more awesome!

    Ultron usurping Ursula Andress' unmentionables.

    Venom and Voltron vogue on Vulcan.

    Wonder Woman wasting Willy Wonka.

  4. Xerxe's X-rated Xenodochy Excites a Xyster Weilding Xena.

    "300's hedonistic ways entices Xena the Warrior Princess.. weilding a very special tool intended for Xerxes.... lol"

  5. A spirited and superb sketch, sir! Selecting my simple suggestion to suppose such a stunning spectacle simultaneously satisfies my sense of self-worth and shocks the senses. Not to sound somewhat similiar to a sycophant but I salute your spectacular skills and salivate to see all your subsequent splendidly subtitled selections.

    (And to settle the supposition surrounding the status of my sex, I am solidly a sir. :)