Sunday, 5 July 2009

U is for... Uhura and Ultraman on a Unicorn Underwater

Here is today's extra-SENSUAL entry in the Eh? to Z of Awesomeness!

U is for... Uhura and Ultraman on a Unicorn, Underwater

Russell Smith and Michael Goldrei both wanted an Underwater Unicorn-riding Uhura, which shows that great minds clearly think alike. I threw in Ultraman for my own amusement, to make it kind of like the cover of a romance novel from another, altogether odder, planet.

Anyway, sorry there was no pic yesterday, I was rather under the weather. Also it was a Saturday, and the 4th of July, so I figured absolutely no-one would notice or care. If you throw your minds all the way back to 'A', you will recall that I started this whole shebang one day early, so had a day in hand. Which I have now used up. My conscience is satisfied.

Hey, guess what? More awesomeness tomorrow! We have only got a few letters left, but they promise to be extra-bizarre ones, so why not suggest some ideas yourself? you can do so on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus. Come on, think of awesome things for X, Y and Z. Think of it as a challenge.


  1. This is just soooo bizarre. And brilliant, of course. This one is from Elyssa:
    Vampire Velma Vanquishing a Velociraptor. And I approve.

  2. I second Vampiric Velma in whatever form you decide to go with, Vanquishing Velociraptors or no.

    Alternatively - Vixen, Valkyre and Violet Victorious Over Voldemort.

    Wonder Woman and Wolverine's Wacky Waikiki Wedding!
    (The thought of these two serious sticks-in-the-mud having a kitschy, Tiki-themed Wedding just tickles me. The preacher could be either Wil Wheaton or Willy Wonka. The Bride and Groom could each be Wearing White and Black Wetsuits, respectively. You could also have Warren Worthington, Wally West and Wade Wilson as Groomsmen with both Wonder Girls and The White Queen as bridesmaids. All up to you how crazy you want to get.)

  3. Xena and Xerxes battle xenomorphs for Xanadu.

    I think that the xenomorphs are a must have for maximum awesomeness. Including the X-Men would just be too easy so I came up with Xena and Xerxes. I think Xanadu would have to be based on Coleridge's poem.

  4. I would think Xanadu would have a glowing Olivia Newton-John on roller skates.

    And I still vote for Voltron and the Voluminous Volstagg vexing ... well, somebody in volleyball. Voldemort, Virman Vundabar, Victor Volcanum, Vampirella, Vincent Price...

  5. And X should have X-O Manowar! Because no one else will suggest him. X-O Manowar, and xanthan gum.

  6. Xander, Xena and Professor Xavier Each Giving X's to X-O Manowar's Excruciating Cover of Xanadu.

    Xemnu and Xanatos Playing X-Men Legends on An X-Box

  7. I am torn, because Vampiric Velma Vanquiching a Velocirapor is clearly a Win, and yet I totally want to draw Voltron. Oh, decisions!

  8. Voltron could be Volting after them. Or just Viewing.

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  10. Great minds think alike indeed. Thanks for using mine and Michael's suggestion, Neill!