Tuesday, 7 July 2009

W is for... Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn't Wasted

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness, a month-long project in which, oh y'know, I draw stuff, and that.

W is for... Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn't Wasted

Thanks to Matthew Halton, who suggested today's picture. He wrote:
"Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn't Wasted

Wasted in the sense of drunk, that is. Not wasted as in, she isn't being used to her full potential. Unless maybe you think that would be better?"
Hell, why do you think she started drinking?

Good lord, only 3 letters to go. If you have any suitably awesome ideas for X, Y or Z, you can post them over on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus. Speak now or forever hold your piece.


  1. It's a long time since I thought Wolverine was awesome.

  2. Xeni Jardin Showing Xeroxed Xkcd Cartoons to An Unexcited Xtina and Xzibit.

    Zatanna Zapping A Zombie Zaphod Beelbebrox To Save Zartan.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox Zapping A Zombie Zangief With A Zip Gun To Save Zatanna.

    Zoidberg and Zap Brannigan Eating Zucchini.

    Zhaan (from Farscape) and Zoe (from Firefly) Zipping Past Zombie Zoo Animals.

  3. Zeus and Zok (from the Herculoids) Zapping Zombie Zebras Carrying Zucchini

  4. Xavier and Xena playing XXX games on X-box

    I tried to use the word xenophobic but I couldn’t. It would be just awesome to see Xavier and Xenophobic in the same sentence!