Wednesday, 8 July 2009

X is for... Xena experiencing Professor X's extravagant Xenophobia

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness, a nearly finished thank christ month-long project in which I draw a thing that is awesome for each letter of the alphabet!

X is for... Xena eXperiencing Professor X's eXtravagant Xenophobia

Yes, Charles Xavier's dark secret is this: in his dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants, there is no room for Greeks. Think about it, you've had X-men from Russia, Japan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Ireland... but no Greeks. Coincidence? I think not.

(Please no-one remind me of some obscure Greek X-man I've forgotten, thereby spoiling my Hilarious Joke).

Anyway! Today's picture was suggested by Peta Waller-Bryant, so thanks to her! I decided to do it as a homage to John Byrne's classic cover to Uncanny X-men issue 138, partly because of the X-men connection, and partly because Mr. Byrne seems to have acquired a reputation for being quite the massive racist himself these days. And, y'know, because I thought it was funny.

I was trying to think of more racial epithets for Greeks, but I'm afraid 'Hoummous eaters' was the best I could come up with.

Two letters to go! If you have any ideas for Y or Z, you can post them over on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus.


  1. Brilliant. And "Hoummous eaters" has been added to my memory bank of casually racist epithets, alongside "surrender monkey", "bog trotter", etc.

  2. oh no, i feel so hated and feared :(

    the only Greek in the x-verse is Avalanche, and hes about the only member of the Brotherhood that has never been invited to join the x-team. you're probably on to something :p

  3. btw, we don't eat houmous in Greece, that's turkish :o

  4. Woooo!! Thankyou! That's really very wonderful. I'll treasure this forever.

    (Massive fan btw - I wish you could somehow overcome the copyright issues to sell these)

  5. (By the way - this is Peta Waller-Bryant, wordpress doesn't seem to want to publish my name)

  6. May I suggest something with Zorro & Zima?

  7. Zzzax and Zazzala (Queen Bee) zip around and zap Zatanna.

  8. re: copyright issues. why cant you sell the original pages of these? artists do it all the time in conventions and on ebay...

  9. There isn't any original art to sell, unfortunately. Apart from some veeeery rough initial scribbles on paper, it's all drawn using Manga Studio and Photoshop.

    (Here's a behind-the scenes peek at it all in MS: )

  10. I've got it!

    Zeus zaps Zorro & Zatanna's Zimas

  11. PS, Peta - glad you liked it!

  12. Please tell me there will be an option to buy shirts or prints or postcards of these panels???



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