Friday, 26 November 2010

Cardboard Mo-Bot Shenanigans

Cardbots Sheet 1

Careful with those scissors, kids.

I have been working on some Cardboard Mo-Bots for the Giant Mo-bot Party next week! Here is a slightly wobbly prototype model, seen here hanging out in the offices of David Fickling Books, as if he has just EXPLODED from the pages of the book itself:

Cardbot Prototype 600px

Optional GIANT LASER CANNON accessories not pictured.

Many thanks to Tilda at DFB for helping make this green chap, and for supplying the tea and biscuits that made it all possible.

The original idea was that we would have a bunch of these for kids to make, colour in and customise on the night, but due to the rather complicated and fiddly nature of actually making them I think instead we're going to go with having a couple of nice pre-printed kits made up to give away as prizes. Not to worry! There will still be plenty of robot-customising and comics-drawing action going on on the night. It's looking like it should be a lot of fun - check out the Mo-Bot High website for details of how to get tickets and come along!

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