Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Cards... OF AWESOMENESS

I printed up a bunch of Christmas Cards to take to Thought Bubble at the weekend, and they seemed to go really well, so I've printed up a bunch more and they are ON SALE NOW in the shop!

Christmas Cards of Awesomeness

From top left, that's:
  • Santa Cthulhu

  • Giant Robot Santa

  • Gorilla Santa

  • Existential Dread Kitten Santa

  • Bat-Santa (the Dark Knight Before Christmas)

Buy now to get 'em in time for Christmas, and bring a little seasonal Lovecraftian / Kierkegaardian / Simian / Batmanian / Giant Robotic Joy to the afficionado of awesomeness in your life.

And hey, why not buy my book while you're there? It would make such a lovely Christmas present.

Merry Christmas! More Santa-related fun coming soon!

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