Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Judge Dredd vs. the Public Convenience of DOOM

"Let me in, perp! I'm busting here!"

I thought I would try drawing some sample Judge Dredd pages to send to 2000AD! So that is what I did. They're based on the sample script 'PF' from the 2000AD website, which you can go and read for purposes of comparison should you so wish. These were quite fun because a lot of the 'action' is, well, it's just a dude sitting on a toilet, so it was a challenge to try and keep the panels dynamic and interesting.

[Parental Advisory: contains SPOTTY NAKED BUMS.]

Dredd Samples 600px 0001

Dredd Samples 600px 0002

Dredd Samples 600px 0003

Dredd Samples 600px 0004

These have been sent off to Mr Tharg for his consideration, I just thought I'd post them up here because - well, why not, really?

Wish me luck, faithful The Internet.

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