Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hey, they spelled my name right!

I read the news today. In the immortal words of Sam Beckett: Oh Boy.

Oxfordians! You can pick up a copy of this week's Oxford Times, which features an interview with ME! Talking about Mo-Bot High. And kind of inadvertantly totally slagging off the Cherwell, my old school in North Oxford. (Non-Oxfordians can check out the article here!)

I feel I should clarify: in describing the place as "rubbish and boring" or whatever it was, I was referring to the school in an architectural and aesthetic sense, in order to explain the juxtaposition I was seeking with the excitement and colour of the Mo-Bots. It's actually a very good school, and it's in no way the institution's fault I had such a miserable time there. (Everyone has a miserable time at school, right? Everyone worth knowing as a grown-up, anyway.)

At any rate, I'm sure it's entirely marvellous now. I gather these days they have actual BUILDINGS and everything. (In my day: portacabins, as far as the eye could see.)

In other news: you can check out a 12-page PREVIEW of Mo-Bot High over on Comics Alliance - easily my favourite comics website IN THE WORLD. And I'm not just saying that because they bigged up my book. Many thanks to Chris Sims - easily my favourite writer about comics IN THE WORLD - for setting that up. Also: my wonderful fellow DFC Library geezer Dave Shelton said some very nice things about it over on his blog, bless him to bits. Nice things are always nice, but they really mean a lot coming from someone as talented as Dave.

Oxfordians! Are you still reading? If so, don't forget you can come along to the GIANT MO-BOT PARTY we're having to celebrate the book launch, on Friday 3rd December at Blackwells bookshop on Broad Street! Just pop into Blackwells children's department to get your FREE tickets! There will be all kinds of fun for children of all ages. More details coming soon! (Non-Oxfordians! You are welcome too! We are an inclusive sort of town.)

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  1. Hurrah! Nice big photo, too!

    Yeah, we had lots of portacabins, too. I once took a swab from the stinky carpet in the French room, grew it in a blood agar, and came up with a mould display worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show.