Tuesday, 2 November 2010

MCM sketches!

Unfinished sketch of.. oh guess what, it's a girl with a mecha combatsuit.

Here are some doodles from this weekend's MCM Expo! Yes, there were occasional moments when it was slow enough to doodle. Here are some people who stopped by our table and stood still long enough to be sketched!

MCM_cosplayers sketch

From left to right: a girl cosplaying as Starscream (awesome), the always-lovely Karen Rubins (not cosplaying, just naturally stylish), and someone else who seemed very nice but whose name I failed to catch.

I took along a bunch of these 'how to draw a mo-bot' sheets to give to kids:

Anyway, I guess I left them unattended at the table, and came back to find THIS:


I don't care what it says, that looks like the handiwork of noted cartoonist and identity thief Sarah McIntyre to me. Check out some more of Sarah's amazing sketches from the event over on her blog!

Sarah also drew the following lovely sketch of DFC Library pals Asha from Mo-Bot High and Lettuce from, duh, Vern & Lettuce.



I'm off down to Exeter tomorrow to do a couple of talks and workshops as part of the EXEtreme Imagination children's literature festival. One is a public talk, 5pm at Exeter Centreal Library - if you're interested, you can find out more and get tickets here!

Do come along, Exeterians! It will be lots of fun.

Hey, I've started to see a few reviews coming out for Mo-Bot High in the last few days. So far they've all been overwhelmingly positive, most of all this fantastic one over on Book Zone for Boys. I shall just quote one relevant passage here:

"In Mo-Bot High Neill Cameron has delivered a modern comic book that has strong appeal to both boys and girls and he should be commended for this - I hope we see much more from this series in the future, but that will only happen if fans of this method of storytelling go out and buy copies of the various DFC Library releases."
He's absolutely right, you know. So please, go buy them!

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