Thursday, 14 October 2010

Internet, meet Mo-Bots

Sticker 3 - Shelly

Brace yourselves, internet, because I've just put the finishing touches to the brand new Mo-bot High website! Please point your browsers to and enjoy a fine selection of artwork, preview pages, reader art and bonus fun extra website type stuff. And then tell all your friends! And family. Co-workers. Nemeses. That girl on the bus you've always wanted to strike up a conversation with. Your barber during the awkward lull after you've exhausted the conversational potential on the subject of holidays due to the fact that you're only going to Skegness this year, what with there being a recession on and everything. Ah, just tell EVERYBODY, how about that?

(I say 'finishing touches' - I'll probably be tweaking the site and adding stuff here and there for a a while, but as I'm going to be spending all weekend in Birmingham handing out flyers and stickers and indeed selling books with the website address printed on 'em, I thought it was about time we had something up there!)

Oh, and I've added a page to my own site where you can buy personalised signed & sketched copies of the book, for people who might want such a thing but won't be able to make it to any of the cons and events I'm attending. Taking pre-orders now!

Right! I better go pack for Birmingham. Um... what am I doing there again?

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