Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MCMo-Bots Expo

MCM flyer

I will be at London's Mighty MCM Expo this weekend, experiencing all the excitement and lunacy to be found when you take a building that closely resembles a major international airport, and fill it with people dressed like ninjas. Oh, and selling copies of Mo-Bot High Book One, too! It should be a really fun show - I'm sharing a table with my DFC Library compadres the Entirely Excellent Etherington Brothers, and I think we're just next to Vern & Lettuce creator Sarah McIntyre and her Fleece Station buddies. And just across the aisle from one of my favourite comics creators in the world, Garen Ewing, who'll be selling bundles of books 1 & 2 of his fantastic series The Rainbow Orchid.

Other fun stuff happening: the DFC Library crew will be doing a live stage event at 12pm on the Saturday, where we will wow you with awesome pictures and possibly even engage in another titanic Sheep VS Robot Live Drawing Battle! Also, I'm thinking I might do something which seemed to go down well at BICS the other week, which is to offer sketched portraits of con-goers, complete with custom personalised Giant Robot. Come find me if you want one, we'll be at Table C53 in the Comics Village!

Oh hey, you know what? I have a book coming out this week! Not sure if I mentioned it yet. I am very excited. Just saw my first review of Mo-Bot High, over on the Nayu's Reading Corner blog. They liked it, yay! Also up there you can read an interview with me, and even win a copy of the book! Why not go do that?

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