Friday, 1 October 2010

Mo-Bot Vern and Lettuce!

Vern and Lettuce Mo-Bot bg RGB 600px

Following on from yesterday's Sheep VS Robot shenangians, here is an example of Sheep and Robot working together in a more constructive fashion!

This is a picture that Vern & Lettuce creator Sarah McIntyre and I put together which we've been showing at various joint events and stuff, and I thought that this being the week that the grogeous V&L book is released, it was time to unleash this pic onto the internet. Thanks to Joe at Forbidden Planet for sticking this up on the FPI blog yesterday and spreading the love!

And here's how you do it. Take one rabbit and one sheep:


Draw robots for them:

Vernbot rough 600px

lettucebot rough 500px

Put them together:

Vern and Lettuce Mo-Bot INKS 600px

And then, y'know, make it all shiny and stuff. Bish bash bosh.

Did I mention that you should go buy Vern & Lettuce yet? It really is a rather beautiful book.

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