Monday, 6 December 2010

B-Boy Santa

04 - B-Boy Santa

We're back! I have a few days' worth of Santas to catch up on. Think of it as like when you forget to open your advent calendar for a few days and then get to eat a bunch of chocolates all at once.

First up, we have here B-Boy Santa. This one is for my pal Jamie Peppitt, who is - apart from being the greatest breakdancer the village of Twatt* in Orkney has ever seen - a nice person who bought my book. If you are a nice person who bought my book, and you would like a Santa too, just let me know!

It is inspired by a recent viewing of the motion picture 'B-Girl', which may actually be the single worst thin I have ever seen. And oh my word but that is saying a lot.


* Yes, that is actually what the place is called. Really.

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