Friday, 10 December 2010

Kirby Santa

Here is today's entry in SantaSketchFest 2010!

11 - Kirby Santa

KIRBY SANTA is for Chris Sims, a fine fellow who has certainly earned the title Friend Of Mo-Bots (FOM), bigging up the book both on his podcast War Rocket Ajax and over on Comics Alliance!

I assumed this was what he meant by "Kirby Santa", but just in case, here is BONUS EXTRA KIRBY SANTA!

12 - Kirby Santa 2


If you would like to request a Santa as part of SantaSketchFest 2010, let me know your Santa Suggestions via twitter / facebook / here on this blog. I will post it here and send you the original art as a christmas card! Pretty good, right? Lots of good suggestions which I'll be posting in the next week, but there are a few spots left so get in fast! To be eligible you just need to have bought a copy of Mo-Bot High! (I will accept a promise that you intend to but it but haven't got round to it yet. And I might even allow wiggle room on that, if you ask nicely. Politeness is key, really.)

More Santas tomorrow!

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