Monday, 20 December 2010

Mighty Morphin Santa Rangers

Here's today's entry in SantaSketchFest 2010! No. 20!

20 - Mighty Morphin Santa Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Santa Rangers are for Bradley Jernigan, a.k.a. @SimonTheDigger.

Only four more Santas till Christmas! I am in full-on genuine Christmas mood now, it's ace. The deep snow outside and the fact I've been living on Christmas sandwiches for some time now may be to blame.

Full set on Flickr | Santas 2009 | Santas 2008 | Buy prints

While I'm here: there's a great feature on the DFC Library books over on Armadillo magazine, with interviews with the creators and with publisher David Fickling. Check it out here!

Also: a very positive if somewhat gramatically unorthodox review of Mo-Bot High, on! 9/10, yay! (Hmmm, I may start reviewing reviews of Mo-Bot High, over on URT.)

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