Wednesday, 8 December 2010


09 - FrankenSanta

Today's Santa was suggested by @Leenygma on twitter! Dude, DM / e-mail me your postal address so I can send you the original!

I don't actually know whether @Leenygma has in fact bought my book in order to qualify for the SantaSketchFest, but he suggested FrankenSanta and how the hell was I NOT going to draw that?

If you would like to suggest a Santa of your own - and get the original art send to you as a Christmas card, don't forget - then simply buy my book and then tell me what kind of Santa you'd like via twitter / facebook / comments on this blog.

Also, don't forget - some of last year's Santas are available as printed cards in my shop! Not many left, so order fast! And check out a gallery of some of last year's lot over on Comics Alliance, the world's most entirely fabulous comic book website!

Another Santa every day till Christmas!


  1. The Punisher shirt is a nice touch.

  2. I'm going to pretend this is FrankenCastle as Santa and call it the best Christmas EVER!