Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Nutella Santa

08 - Nutella Santa

Here is a bonus extra Santa, drawn as a christmas card for my DFC Library compadre Kate Brown! Simply because I initially misread 'Nigella Santa' as 'Nutella Santa'. I hope Kate likes this card. I think she was hoping for a bit more... interface between Nigella and the Nutella, but this is an ALL-AGES BLOG! Well, sort of. Well, sometimes.

I've got a few school events coming up with Kate which I am really looking forward to because - well, because Kate is awesome, really. Her DFC book The Spider Moon is one of the most beautiful comics I own, and 2011 is going to see the release of her new book Fish & Chocolate which from the few sneak peeks I've seen of it is shaping up to be every bit as gorgeous. Merry Christmas to Kate! (And also to Paul Duffield, who shares a mantelpiece and so shares this card!)

If you want to suggest a santa, fire 'em at me on twitter, facebook or the comments section here.

Another Santa tomorrow!


  1. Disturbingly Cheerful Alan Moore Santa!

    (And you have my word that I will finally buy your undoubtedly awesome book next paycheck.)

  2. Ha - it's a deal!

    Disturbingly Cheerful Alan Moore Santa comes firmly under the category of 'Things that having heard, I cannot then NOT draw." Well played, sir.

  3. Thank you, thank you. *bows*

    And I hope your Holiday Season treats you and yours fantastically - you certainly deserve an overabundance of Christmas joy for all these amazing Santas!