Friday, 17 December 2010

Cerberus Santa

And here is TODAY'S Santa! No. 19 already, gosh.

19 - Cerberus Santa

Cerberus Santa is for @LiterateKnits, and it was another one of those suggestions I simply could not resist drawing. Merry Christmas @LiterateKnits, may Cerberus Santa carry many excellent presents to you from across the river Styx.

I may be mixing up my mythologies there. Did I mention I'm quite tired?

More Santas tomorrow!

Full set on Flickr | Santas 2009 | Santas 2008 | Buy prints

The explanatory section: as this year's Advent Calendar Blog Thing I am drawing Santa cards for nice people who bought my book. If you would like to suggest a santa, fire 'em at me on twitter, facebook or the comments section here. If you would like to buy my book, here are some handy details on how you might do so: Thank you.


  1. Holy crickets! Wow that's just adorable and awesome and puppy! Thank you so much! Also you've got the mythology right as far as I can remember!

  2. Any plans to solicit the books from the DFC Library through Diamond’s Previews catalog? I know they’re available in the UK version but I mean the US version, which is the one that serves other international markets. I’m from Spain, so it would be the perfect way for me to get Mo-Bot High or Mezzolith, which are the ones that jump at me the most.