Wednesday, 22 December 2010

K9 Santa

Here is today's entry in SantaSketchFest 2010!

22 - K9 Santa

A companion piece, if you will, to this one.

I genuinely can't remember who I drew this one for! Maybe it was me, maybe I just wanted to draw K9 Santa? Look, it's been a long December and I'm very confused. Um, if you would like a K9 Santa card, raise your hand?

Only two more Santas to go! And then... I can finally rest.

Full set on Flickr | Santas 2009 | Santas 2008 | Buy prints

Hey, while I'm here: check out this list of Comics Alliance's 15 favourites from this years SantaSketchFest!

Also: just look at this rather marvellous animated Christmas Card from David Fickling Books, featuring amongst other delights the Jamie Smart-illustrated sight of kids sledding on copies of Mo-Bot High and its DFC Library friends!

A timely message there. This year, give the greatest gift of all.


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