Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Davros Santa

Here is today's entry in SantaSketchFest 2010!

17 - Davros Santa

Today's Santa was drawn for Ben Werdmuller - @benwerd on twitter, and I hope he enjoys it! A very excellent suggestion. I think - in fact I know - that this is going to be just the first of several Doctor Who-tinged Santas as we draw nearer to Karen Gillan Day.

More Santas tomorrow!

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The explanatory section: as this year's Advent Calendar Blog Thing I am drawing Santa cards for nice people who bought my book. If you would like to suggest a santa, fire 'em at me on twitter, facebook or the comments section here. If you would like to buy my book, here are some handy details on how you might do so: Thank you.

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