Thursday, 9 December 2010

Santa Widdecombe

10 - Santa Widdecombe

Today's Santa is for Andrew Wildman! I have no idea why he would wish to see such a ghastly thing, but there you go. Dude drew Transformers, he gets whatever Santa he wants.

(Non-UK readers who have no idea who Anne Widdecombe is should frankly just count themselves fortunate and move on without asking too many questions).

That's what I am doing this year, drawing Santa Christmas cards for nice people who've bought my book! (Or who intend to buy my book - I'm a trusting fellow). If you have a particular Santa you'd like to see, let me know about it via twitter / facebook / comments on this blog.

Another Santa tomorrow! And hopefully, a less gruesome one.

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    Thanks man. Thats... scary.