Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Media Mo-Botspotting

Mo-Bots have been popping up here and there in the nation's newsagents and thought I'd put together a quick round-up of places to look for 'em!

TF Cover RGB v2 600px
Giant Robot Snowball Fight - my cover art to Transformers issue 19, on sale in all good newsagents now!
  • The latest issue of Transformers comic features a cover by ME (yay! Transformers! This one's for you, 8-year-old me) and a competition to win 10 copies of Mo-Bot High AND 10 copies of my DFC Library compadres The Etherington Bros' fabulous Monkey Nuts, too! Get on that.
  • The latest issue of fantastic anime / manga / asian pop culture mag NEO features a short interview with ME, talking about Mo-Bot High, AND a 10-PAGE PREVIEW! Including this funky poster here, and a Bonus Extra Page which wasn't included in the book!

Mo-Bot NEO poster

  • The brand-new issue of Comic Heroes magazine has some preview pages too, in its comics-previewing supplement SIDEKICK! And very nice they look too.
  • Me and my Cardboard Mo-Bots popped up a couple of times last week in the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times, publicising the book launch party at Blackwells. And look, Logan even made it into the paper, too!
(I would not normally use my own son for marketing purposes, honestly. But I was looking after him the day we had to go do the photos, and what was I going to do? "Listen kid, you go play outside in the street for a bit while Daddy poses for the nice man.")

Also, I've just seen a couple of very nice reviews pop up online:

This one, on fantastic teen fiction review site Chicklish, from reviewer Luisa Plaja.
"Filled with action, suspense, brilliant tongue-in-cheek humour and amazing illustrations, this book is wonderful and I highly recommend it. I want the next book and I want it now!"
And here's another over on kids' book site Armadillo:
"...there is a lot more going on here than giant robots and spectacular fight scenes – the sinister dinner ladies, and ominous comments about Asha being ‘the Harbinger’ give this a touch of Doctor Who-style mystery alongside the technological awesomeness."
The Armadillo review is part of a lovely great big feature on the DFC Library, along with interviews with loads of the creators and Mr David Fickling himself! Do go and have a read.

Right, that's it, I'm exhausted. Hooray, now for several days of not having to have my picture taken!

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  1. A Transformers cover? Congratulations, and also, I hate you. ;)