Friday, 23 April 2010

Actionless Comics

I've recently done a couple of little comic strips for awesome new kids' gaming mag / website MEGATON, and for technical reasons that I shall doubtless explain in due course I've been completing the character artwork and backgrounds as separate layers. Anyway, I thought it would be fun / pretty to make a little comic using just the backgrounds. So here it is.

Background Comics

Friday, 16 April 2010

And That's About That

This picture has started to take on a strange allegorical significance, in which ZZ Top represent ME.

I sent off the last batch of A-Z of Awesomeness Posters this morning, and while I was up that way popped into the SSNAP offices to deliver a cheque for £1,500.00, which is what profits from sales of the posters came to. I do actually have a few posters left, but I'm afraid all the staying up nights addressing envelopes and constant trips to the post office carrying heavy bags of packages was starting to wear me down a bit. £1,500 (that's 300 posters) seemed like a nice round number at which to cut it off, so there we go.

Apologies to anyone who's had to wait a little while for their poster to arrive; as I say, I got a bit swamped with it all so some of the last orders to come in had a bit of a delay before I could get to them. Anyway, they are all posted now, so hopefully you should have them soon.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to suggest / request putting the A-Z on books, t-shirts, mugs, sailboats etc, and sorry to anyone I haven't had a chance to reply to yet. Basically, I would love to do every such thing, but I do kind of need to get on with that tiresome old 'making a living' thing for now, so that's why I'm kind of drawing a line under it there. I'll probably take the remaining posters along to conventions and stuff, but for now, that's about that. There is one cool thing I'd like to do with the A-Z, which might be happening later in the year, so I'll be sure to tell you all about that as and when.

Huge thanks to everyone who retweeted, reposted, dugg etc. It was a crazy and rather entertaining couple of weeks (I've made a note of the dates so in years to come I can tell Logan about The Week I Was Internet Famous. Mildly), and we made a nice little bit of money for a very good cause. So that's nice. Cheers to you all.

Coming Soon: me posting about something else!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Watching Doctor Who

FP New Who Strip 550px

My nerdiness for Doctor Who will be familiar to followers of this blog, which may explain why Matt Badham asked me to contribute a short review of the first episode of the new series for a quick round-up of reactions on the Forbidden Planet blog. I was delighted to contribute, but thought I'd probably be better off drawing something as, y'know, that's sort of my thing. The way it all worked out over Easter I only had a very short window to come up with an idea and draw something immediately after seeing the episode in question, so the strip above is what you get.

While I'm here, a quick update on the A-Z posters! They are very nearly all sold out again, and so I'm going to be taking them off sale again today. I won't be printing any more as, quite frankly, the time it takes to pack and send them all out is kind of killing me. Once I've closed the books and done the sums and taken the cheque for the the final tally to SSNAP I will blog the details here!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Technical Difficulties


Due to the frankly insane level of interest in my A-Z of Awesomeness over the last week, I've had to move / upgrade my hosting yet again, to the point where I'm now on a package apparently designed for small-to-medum ISPs and domain-name-resellers. Um... anyone want to buy a domain name? (Please nobody say yes, I would have no idea how to sell you one.) Anyway, despite my taking extra precautions and receiving several reassurances that no, the website wouldn't go down... well, my website went down. Even more nerve-wrackingly for me as a self-employed person, there were a couple of stretches over the last few days where my e-mail address stopped working, so apologies to anyone who was trying to get in touch. It all seems to be working again now, and with my new unlimited bandwidth arrangements, that should be the last we see of this sort of problem.

Unless, of course, my new domain-name-reselling business really takes off.