Friday, 3 June 2016


My new book MEGA ROBO BROS is out today from David Fickling books! It collects the first big arc of Alex and Freddy's adventures - for those counting at home, it's edited highlights of Season 1, and then the entirety of Season 2. (Season 3 currently unfolding weekly in the pages of The Phoenix!)

Anyway, I am super proud of it, and really hope people enjoy it. Early reviews have been extremely encouraging, but you know how these things are, it's always a question of getting the word out. I've updated my website with a new MEGA ROBO BROS page where you can read a preview, check out a bunch of the uncollected strips in their entirety, and more. Please feel free to share, link, tweet, tumbl, or whatever it is you're supposed to do nowadays.

And hey, if you're in Oxford, come along to Inky Fingers on the Cowley Road TOMORROW (Saturday 4th Jan), where I'll be painting giant robots in the window and signing books and drawing stuff for people, should you want that.

Also, SPECIAL OFFER: any and all copies of the book ordered this week from the Phoenix's online shop will get a free, original A5 sketch by me! Every one unique! Go grab one quick before my hand falls off.

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