Thursday, 27 May 2010

Movies, Comics... um, Mallarkey? Expo!


I will be at MCM Expo in at the Excel Centre in London Docklands this Saturday (29 May), hanging out at the DFC Library table and generally floating around making a nuisance of myself. Why not come along and say hello? I'll be the one sporting the rather natty badge you see above.

In addition to being able to pick up copies of all the fantastic DFC books that are out already, getting a sneak peek at the ones that aren't, and meeting their charming and notoriously debonair creators, I believe there is some other stuff going on at the event as well. Comics creators! Video games! The dude who played Denethor! It is sure to be quite the wild scene.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Very Own 'Page' on the 'Internet'

Neill's Adventures in Millinery, on Facebook


I set up a 'Neill Cameron' page on Facebook the other day, so that those of you for whom that is the preferred timewasting distraction of choice can idle away a few happy hours looking at my A-Z of Awesomeness, Hashtag Funnnies, various other doodles, and pictures of me in silly hats. You know, important stuff like that.

I will be updating it with whatever cool things I can think of, so please do go along and have a look.

Also, I am starting to put a bunch of stuff on Flickr for image-hosting pruposes, so if that's more you bag, check me out there!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I've just been doing one of my all-too-periodic spots of website-updating, and as part of it I put all the Hashtag Funnies strips I drew last year up in one place on my site, so why not go and have a read?

If you remember, the basic idea was that I had to draw a strip each morning, under appallingly restricted time conditions, based on one of that day's trending topics on twitter. I think it's fair to say that results varied wildly, but I really liked some of the strips - here in particular are a few of my favourites: #lieswomentell, #godloveslove, #truthis.

I'd really like to do more of these, but I'm kind of in two minds. On the one hand I loved doing them, and really enjoyed the 'challenge' aspect of having to come up with an idea every day and turn it into a finished strip super-quickly. On the other hand, simply by their nature they mean that the art tended to be very rushed, and being the perfectionist self-loathing artist that I am, I kind of feel like I ought to be focussing on things where I can take my time and produce the best-looking art I am capable of, rather than just rushing stuff out for giggles.

Like I say, I'm in two minds. Your thoughts on this point, dear reader, would be very welcome.