Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tamsin and the DEALS DEALS DEALS

The second volume of Kate Brown and I's Tamsin series, Tamsin and the Dark begins soon in The Phoenix, and they are running a couple of pretty great offers to mark the occasion!

Firstly, they've got a special Tamsin Subscription Deal! If you take out a 6-month subscription now, you'll be on board in time for first episode, and you'll then get to enjoy every single installment as the story plays out over the following 21 weeks. I think this is great, because a huge part of what we try to do with Tamsin is that kind of immersive, cliffhanger-fueled, what-on-Earth-is-going-to-happen-next storytelling that I think is one of the most exciting and unique possibilities offered by the weekly comics format, and particularly for young readers. So jump on now, don't miss a single episode, and to sweeten the deal they'll even throw in a copy of Book 1, Tamsin and the Deep - signed by Kate and me, and everything - to make sure you're fully up to speed on Tamsin and her world.

(Oh, and you also get six months of AMAZING COMICS in the entire rest of the Phoenix, too?) 

Note, this offer only runs THIS WEEK, so that people will be subscribed in time for the story's beginning. Sign up now and get on (magical flying boogie) board!

If you're already a subscriber, they're ALSO offering 20% OFF the Tamsin and the Deep book, all this month! Which is also a pretty great deal.

All in all, that should be just about all the creepy exciting all-ages Cornish folklore spookiness your mind can handle.

Until Book Three, anyway.