Monday, 27 February 2012

Magnificent Multimedia Mobots!

My week was made last week by my friend Steph, who was awesome enough to send over these pictures of her niece Lily's school project. The assignment was to make a model of her favourite book, and Lily went for...

This three-dimensional chunk of pure awesomeness was made by Lily and her friend Matilda (both aged 10) - Matilda made Asha, Lily did the cover drawing and they collaborated on the frankly fantastic model mobot. (Check out the RIBBONS!) Anyway, I think we can all agree this amazing effort gets an A plus! An A DOUBLEPLUS, in fact. Awesome job, Lily and Matilda!

BONUS MOBOTS! Just when I was getting ready to post these pics, girls' comics aficionado Jo Bevan (of the Bring Back Bunty blog) posted this shot of a cardboard mo-bot expertly constructed by her daughter for World Book Day!

I know all too well how much time and effort goes into making one of these bad boys, so can only say a huge GOOD JOB, Bevan Jr! A pluses all round!

If you would like to have a crack at making your own cardboard mo-bot - they take a bit of doing but they're worth it in the end! - you can download a FREE kit to do so from the Mo-Bot High Wesbite, right here: