Wednesday 26 November 2008


How cool is that? A reminder, courtesy of the wonderful Sarah McIntyre of Vern & Lettuce fame, that issue 26 of The DFC goes on sale in Tescos all across the land from today!

A snip at £1.99 - and it's a pretty cracking issue, too. A great new story starts - The Mighty M by Laura Howell, there's a new Monkey Nuts adventure by the always-jaw-dropping Etherington Brothers, and... look, it's just pretty great, alright?

Anyway, it turns out it's a nice way to mark six months of The DFC! Good lord, has it been that long already? Over on the Forbidden Planet blog they're running a series of posts to mark the occasion, which is nice.

While I'm linking, apparently Sarah and Jim Medway just happened to bump into Matt Groening the other day, and Jim gave him a copy of the DFC. Good work, dudes! I think if I had been there I would just have stammered, mumbled incoherently about how I, y'know, really like futurama and stuff, and generally embarrassed myself and everyone in the room. Good job I wasn't there, really.

Please excuse all the linkage and general uncharacteristic air of enthusiasm, I just received a totally awesome bit of mo-bot fan art from a kid that has made my week, if not year.

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