Friday, 21 August 2009

The Imaginary Adventures of Lois Lane (part one)

Doing the A-Z was fun for many reasons, one of which was simply drawing a bunch of stuff that I normally wouldn't have any sane reason to. In doing so, I learned a few things about myself - namely that possibly my three favourite things in the world to draw are:

1) Mountains
2) Lois Lane
3) Zombies

..oh yeah, and dinosaurs. Obviously.

Once I came to this realisation, it was a very short jump to drawing the above bit of nonsense, drawn solely for my own amusement, and presented here for yours.

So yeah, it turns out that my dream job would be drawing Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane, a comic which ceased publication three years before I was born. Hey, DC! If you ever do another run of Wednesday comics... well, I'm just saying. Actually, why not just go the whole hog and launch a new double-feature book, with Lois by me and Jimmy Olsen by Chris Sims and Matthew Allen Smith? Come on, it's a license to print money! (Please note: this may not actually constitute a license to print money).

I have a feeling I may do more of these, so if you would like to suggest some random (awesome) elements for inclusion in future instalments of the Imaginary Adventures of Lois Lane, please do so in the comments.

While I'm here - thanks to everyone who's said they'd like a copy of the A-Z poster I mentioned here yesterday - I'm leaving the 'competition' open till Monday, so if you haven't yet, just throw your name in the hat that is the comments section on yesterday's post to be in for a chance of winning one! Actually, a couple of people whose knowledge of these matters far outstrips my own have suggested that I may have been being overly cautious / overly stupid, and I might actually be okay selling some signed prints / posters of the A-Z after all, so... we'll see, I guess.

Bloggy Bonus! Inks version of today's pic:


  1. That is so ace! More please.

  2. I'd read it. I might even buy it. Obviously you are wasting your talents on the web, and should be in some D.C. editor's office instead.

  3. I think every cover should have Thanatosarus Rex turning something into something else. I say the Lois is on the beach and T-Rex is shooting the water causing a bunch of dolphins to grow legs and become zombie dolphins and come out of the water to attack Lois.