Thursday, 23 September 2010

Monkey Nuts Fan Art

Monkey Nuts 600px

To celebrate the release of Robin & Lorenzo Etherington's fantastic new book Monkey Nuts from the DFC Library, I drew a bit of fan art! And a lot of fun it was, too. Monkeys and robots! What's not to love?

I received my copy of Monkey Nuts from Amazon the other day, and a terrific bundle of joy through the letterbox it was, too. It's a really fun, funny tale, packed full of monsters, pirate ships and general mayhem, and Lorenzo's artwork is just... I mean, I really have no words to describe it. I'm a huge fan of the guy's work - pretty much every single page in this book just makes me drop my jaw and gasp in amazement. I think the best way of summing up this book is that it's pretty much exactly what I would have wanted in our school library when I was a kid. Although I would have totally hogged it week after week.

Anyway, all this reminds me that it's now only a month and a bit until Mo-Bot High comes out, too! And I have a whole lot of work to do before then... more soon!

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