Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pirates of Pangaea Checklist

I've had quite a few people lately asking about when the next Pirates of Pangaea book might be out and, while I don't exactly know (although I could point you to some excellent books you might enjoy in the meantime), it's worth pointing out that for anyone eager to follow Sophie and Kelsey's further adventures, there are several which are uncollected as yet but can be tracked down in back issues of the Phoenix. To aid in this, and to help you satisfy all your Pirates Riding Dinosaurs needs, I thought I'd put together a little, in-reading-order...


Volume 1: The Golden Skull 
20 episodes
Collected as Pirates of Pangaea: Book One. 
ISBN: 978-1910200087
Available in good bookshops everywhere!

The Ghosts of Mathrak Chu
4 episodes
Available in The Phoenix, issues 33-36

Volume 2: Escape From Razorbeak Mountain
20 episodes
Available in The Phoenix, issues 53-72

Racers of Riverbed Run
4 episodes
Available in The Phoenix, issues 79-82

The Treasure of La Sirena
1 episode
Available in The Phoenix, issue 100

The Blue Devil
4 episodes
Available in The Phoenix, issues 110-113

I believe, at time of writing, that all issues are in stock, please address all enquiries to!

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