Sunday, 3 May 2009

Super Monster Mashup!

Check out this rather stylish monster, clearly on her way to some glamorous Monster nightclub...

Drawn as a kind of visual game of consequences (monsterquences?) by Sarah McIntyre (head), Garen Ewing (torso) and myself (feet) over on the Super Comics Adventure Squad blog, where all us ex-DFC creator types hang out and play stupid monster-drawing games and stuff. Go take a look, there's usually something pretty amazing posted there on at least a daily basis.

My recent radio silence here is due to being in the midst of one of those periods where I'm enormously busy but kind of in the middle of a long stretch of work, so having nothing to post publicly for a while. However, I don't seem to let the workload stop me blithering away happily on Twitter and Blip.FM, so please check there if you feel the need to reassure yourself that I haven't died at the drawing board or something. (Which reminds me, as my current lifestyle so often does, of a page by Evan Dorkin that is one of my favourite comic strips of all time, "Cartoonist Goes To Hell").

Anyway, best get back to it. I'm currently drawing something that is making every fanboy nerve in my body tingle with glee, and I'll be sure to post about it here when it's coming out...

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