Friday, 3 July 2009

T is for... Tintin and a Timelord Taking Tea in Tibet

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness!

T is for... Tintin and a Timelord Taking Tea in Tibet

I swear, if ever I 'make it big' in comics, I intend to immediately retire and just draw mountains all day long.

Anyway, thanks to Brian Pierce for suggesting today's entry!

More awesomeness tomorrow! If you want to suggest idaes for future entries yourself, you can do so on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus!


  1. It's the most serene and quiet A-Z of yours so far, also my favourite, you've captured the mood.

  2. U2 in their underwear sniffing UHU in the land of Um Bongo

  3. Uhura eats udon whilst riding a unicorn on the USS Enterprise

  4. A Transformers one for you:

    Ultra Magnus 'upskirt' photo revealed in USA Today

  5. Ultra-Humanite Taking Umbrage At An Unnecessarily Unkind Upbraiding by Ultron At University.

    Ulik and Ursa Using Uru Umbrellas to Uproot A Unit of Unruly, Undead Ursines.

    Velma, Vicki Vale and Veronica Mars as Voracious, Villainous Victims of A Vile Vampiric Virus

    Vincet (from Beauty and The Beast) Versus Violet (from The Incredibles) In Volleyball On The Planet Vulcan.

    A Viking Vandal Savage Violently Vivisecting Venom.

    Wendi Watson Winking At Wally West While Waterskiing In A White Wetsuit.

    Wonder Woman And Wade Wilson Wrangling Wyrms In The Wild, Wild West.

    Wakko Warner And Woody Woodpecker Whacking Wesley Wyndam-Price With War Hammers.

    Wolverine and Wildcat Wolfing Down Whiskey While The White Queen Warbles.

  6. So, er, if someone wanted to get hold of a print of this, might it be possible?