Monday, 20 July 2009

New Doctor Who

The BBC put out a first picture of Doctor-Who-elect Matt Smith in his costume this morning, and I felt moved to have a quick go at drawing the guy.

(Background TARDIS shamelessly recycled from those sample pages I did a while back...)

As longtime readers of this blog will know, I am a bit of a Doctor Who nerd, and it is an outstanding ambition of mine to work on some Doctor Who comics. (I recently came close, doing some illustrations for the Doctor Who Storybook 2010 - coming out soon). One thing I have learned in this ongoing / occasional quest is that nailing likenesses is really hard, so... well, I thought it couldn't hurt to get started early. More attempts to follow, doubtless.


  1. Seen a couple more pics since that original BBC link and realise that, to my horor, I have failed to draw his funky leather elbow-patches.

    That's going to bug me.

  2. Nice Pic!
    I think the only way he could possibly look geekier is if he wears DT's glasses. I mean that in a good way, of course!

  3. I don't think you've exaggerated his swollen head enough! ;)

  4. We talked about this in episode 2 of the Bridging the Rift podcast :)