Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday Flashback: ROBOT SATAN

I've been drawing lots of funky things lately, but unfortunately I am NDA-d up to the eyeballs, so I am reaching into the archives... all the way back to a time men called... 1997!


A few observations:
  1. nice grasp of human anatomy there, 1997 Neill.
  2. the "switched-on generation"? Did anyone ever say that?
  3. giant robots, overuse of speed lines - man, it's either depressing or hilarious to see how many elements of my 'style' were firmly in place by this point. Lets call it both. Hilariously depressing!
  4. I am aware that Futurama had a robot satan too, but I believe if you check the dates you will see that I WIN and should totally sue them.
This was a pin-up in the first issue of my small press magnum opus, Dumbass Comics. I put out a collection of all 3 issues a few years back, as Absolute Dumbass. Mostly, I admit, because I just amused myself so much with the title Absolute Dumbass.

'Absolute Dumbass' cover

I have a vague plan to put the whole thing up online some time, either as a webcomic or one of those eBook things, whenever I can figure it out/ have time. What can I say, I just like airing my embarassingly amateurish teenaged doodlings in public. It's time the switched-on generation got to see them!

In other news: my semi-brained brother James and I just posted a new episode of our podcast, Unified Review Theory. In this instalment, we contrast and compare two timeless works of epic heroic tragedy: William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. And then talk about Froot Loops for a bit, I think just to cheer ourselves up really. Why not go and have a listen?

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