Thursday, 11 February 2010

Infinite Monkey Theorem

If you watched Horizon on BBC2 last night, you will have been treated, amongst other brain-bending delights, to the spectacle of my Dad gamely checking in and out of an infinite hotel with his infinite number of imaginary friends. This was in aid of an attempt to explain the concept of infinity, and some of the paradoxes therein. I found the programme absolutely fascinating and very well put-together, even if my very favourite moment came in the first five seconds.

DRAMATIC NARRATION: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Things that would change the way you see this world. Enough... to drive men to madness.

CUT TO: Shot of my Dad sitting in his study, looking a bit confused.

Almost fell off my swivel chair laughing. Anyway, as I say it's an excellent programme and although admittedly I may be biased, I think my old gaffer did a rather wonderful job on it. You can watch it on iPlayer for the next 7 days, here's the link:

And, because I feel strangely fraudulent writing a blog post without anything I've actually drawn in it, here is a cartoon illustration I provided for one of the good Professor's lectures a while back.

(It is a funny joke, the meaning of which is unfortunately entirely lost on me. But I'm assured it is pretty funny.)

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  1. It was fab, really interesting - and your Dad was the best thing in it!