Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thought Bubble! New Comics! Fun Times!

Here is the cover for THE CURSE OF BARRY STARKEY, a brand new comic by the amazing Adam Murphy and myself, with colour covers by the also-rather-amazing Lisa Murphy, which will be available exclusively from our table at this weekend's Thought Bubble comics festival in Leeds! Which table is that, you ask? THIS table:

Table 61, Royal Armouries Hall! THAT table.

(Thanks to Adam for the handy map there.)

Adam and I are sharing a table this year and we thought it'd be fun to do something new for the occasion, and... this is the result. 

Come find us to check out a copy. Witches! Tentacles! 2 x D20 rolls! THIS ONE'S GOT IT ALL. 

As well as that, I will of course also have a big stack of How To Make Awesome Comics:

and Adam will have a similar stack of the British-Comics-Awards-Nominated Corpse Talk:

So we'll be selling those, and doodling in them, and generally hanging out having AWESOME COMICS TIMES. We're in Royal Armouries Hall, surrounded by other awesome all-ages comics folk like Sarah McIntyre, David O'Connell, Gary Northfield, Emma Reynolds, James Turner, Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, and... just loads more, ok? What, you think I have all day to sit here linking to websites? I have comics to draw! COME BUY OUR COMICS. Thank you.

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