Sunday, 21 June 2009

H is for... Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness, an ongoing project in which I draw a picture each day, of stuff that is Awesome, for the letters A-Z. It's pretty high concept.

H is for... Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half

There! This is what you wanted! Are you happy now?

This was suggested by Edwin Austin on the Neill's A-Z Facebook group, and it seemed like a bunch of other people wanted to see it, so here you go. I started out with a version where Harry 20, Hellboy and Harry Potter were holding Hello kitty down while Hagar Hacked Her in Half, but it had a weird mysogynistic vibe and I kind of creeped myself out, so you get the more actiontastic version above.

You will note that Hagar is drawn in my own usual style, whereas Hello Kitty just looks like Hello Kitty. The reasoning for this is that if you take away the iconic abstraction of creator Dik Browne's style from Hagar you are left with a grumpy fat smelly-looking viking, which is a fun thing to draw in itself, whereas if you take away the iconic abstraction of Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty you are left with precisely nothing.

Haven't decided what to draw tomorrow for 'I' yet, so why not suggest something Awesome yourself? Here in the blog, on the Facebook Group, or over on Twitter. The more suggestions, the higher the probability of Awesomeness. That's just SCIENCE.


  1. I love how her manufactured head pops off so cleanly.

  2. Awww, poor Kitty-chan! :(

    I do like your illustration! And the pink blood detail! Makes me smile... Even though I love Hello Kitty and I prolly should not admit my enjoyment. ^_~

  3. For "I": Iguanodons ingesting innocent infants.

    That feels right somehow.