Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Q is for... Q and Q reading Q

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness!

Q is for... Q and Q reading Q

This was based on a suggestion by Edwin Austin, who wanted to see Q (Desmond Llewelyn) and Q (John De Lancie) in a Queue to see Q (the winged serpent). I loved that, but the idea for this circular / infinite regress-y thing popped into my head, so here we are.

Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas for Q - given the relative paucity of both characters and verbs beginning with said letter, you guys really outdid yourselves.

The letters R-Z are still up for grabs, why not suggest something yourself: on the A-Z Facebook Group, on Twitter, here on the blog, or over on Comics Nexus!


  1. Much as I wished the Question could have gotten in there, this was brilliant. Great job!

    S is for Starscream Skewering the Silver Surfer?

  2. I love the recursiveness of this. And the expressions on their faces. Truly awesome.

    Teen Titans taunting Thomas the Tank Engine.

    Toro torching the Transformers.

    Tigra throwing a truly terrible temper tantrum.

    Thor trying on a tiny teal thong.

  3. R is for Ronald Regan Reciting Rediculous Rhymes to Riverdancing Robocop

  4. S is for...
    Superman signing songs so super villins sing along!

  5. Here via a fellow LJer. Nice work! How about S is for Steranko Secretly Sketching Sheena in her Skivvies? :o)

  6. Two Terminator T-100s Taking Twix from Thor's Thunderous Twins.

    Unified Unicorns Unimpressed at the Ultimate Warrior's Undulating Uvula

    A Worn out Wonder Woman Waking up between Wolverine and Wyatt Wingfoot

    Xenophobic X-Men Xeroxing X-Ray's of Xena

  7. Vulgar Voltron Vaults over V For Vendetta

  8. Tron Trips The light fantastic w/a Terminator (preferably Summer Glau or Shirley Manson)

  9. Worf Whips (Bruce) Willis at Warp speed While listening to new Wave.

    I couldn't come up with anything for X, except I think we all *know* it's going to involve the X-Men...

  10. Yosemite Sam and Yogi Bear playing Yu-Gi-Oh on a yellow submarine. Yesterday.

  11. Right then. Here goes.

    Robocop, Rimmer (Arnold J.), River (Tam) and Ripley (Ellen) Rocking Out, Rollicking Rockabilly-style.

    Rorscach Revealing Rainbow Brite As A Replicant To A Revolted Ryan Reynolds.

    Silver Sable Staking A Skeevy, Shirtless Spike On the Sunless Streets of Skaro.
    (or Supergirl, She-Hulk or Star Sapphire)

    Spiral and Sulu Swashbuckling In Space With Several, Serrated Swords.

    Tremendous Teal Tribbles With Teeth Terrorizing Two of The Teen Titans.

    Tank Girl Taking Over Tatooine.
    (or Tron, if you prefer)

    Underdog Ululating Unceasingly At An Unappreciative Uhura.

    An Unflappable Ultron Ultimately Unimpressed By Ursula Andress In Her Underwear, Unlike Union Jack.

    Vash Victorious Over Voltron Via Voodoo.

    Veronica Mars And The Venture Bros. Vomiting Upon Viewing A Videocassette of "V".

    Willow (from the eponymous film) And Willow (from Buffy) Wondering Why Wade Wilson Is Watching Them Wash A Winnebago.

    Wil Wheaton's Wedding To Wonder Woman, Webcast On Wired.com.

    Xanathos Giving Xena A Xylophone For X-Mas.

    Xander examining X-Rays of Xemnu On The X-Files.

    Yoshi Yearning for Yogi Bear's Yummy Yuletide Yogurt.

    Young Justice Yawning While Learning Yoga From Yoda At the YMCA On Yancy Street.

    Zoidberg Ziz-Zagging To Zip Past A Zombie Zangief.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox Zeroing In On Zatanna At A Zeppelin Concert and Offering Her A Zima.

  12. S is for Silver Samurai Sailing the Seven Seas with a band of Salty Swashbucklers

  13. R is for Red Skull rightfully raises his reisling, rejoicing Reagonomics!

  14. R is ...

    ... for Reagan, Roger Rabbit and Robin Hood rolling reefer