Thursday, 25 June 2009

L is for... Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris, Lasciviously Licking Lollipops at a London Landmark

Here is today's entry in the A-Z of Awesomeness!

L is for... Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris Lasciviously Licking Lollipops at a London Landmark

Hmmm, is that sexist? Exploitative? Probably, but then again probably less so than that Joss Whedon pic from a few days ago, so that's... okay?

Thanks to the decidedly delightful Diane Cameron for suggesting today's image, anyway!

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More Awesomeness tomorrow! Prrrobably!


  1. poor Lori Lemaris, she's dying out there ;)

  2. Um... there is moisture in the lollipop?

  3. sorry, i had to share this.

    from Lori Lemaris' Wiki:

    Lori is one of several Superman characters with the alliterative initials "LL", including Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Linda Lee, Linda Lang (Supergirl's latest secret identity), Letitia Lerner, Lena Luthor (Luthor's sister pre-Crisis, and daughter post-Crisis), Lyla Lerrol, Liesel Largo, Lenora Lemaris (one of Lori's sisters), Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass (sister of Lightning Lad), Lightning Lord (brother of Lightning Lad), Lucy Lane, Luma Lynai, Lionel Luthor and Lois Lane.

  4. M suggestion: Minnie and Mickey Mouse moon Man-thing

  5. @Manolis: Dude had a type, for sure.

  6. has anyone done the obvious type of story where Superman is revealed to be a mental patient in 'real world' making up all these colourful characters to populate his life, and having everyone use alliterative L names?

    the type they did for Buffy and then Sentry... makes sooo much sense :p

  7. I have an idea for S... (evil cackle)

    In a sordid scene from some sadomasochistic slashfic, a sneering Sabretooth slyly seems to suggest slow, sensuous sodomy in store shortly for a squirming, struggling, stripped and straitjacketed Superman in solely a sport supporter (shown not by scarlet S but by standard spitcurl), who -- stifled screams and shrieks for succor silenced by some soft, stickily strapped stuffing (sweaty socks or Speedos?) -- strives strenuously within strong sleeves, supple sinews surprisingly strained, stopped from strolling by spreader bar and sturdy shackles. Soon -- so soon -- the Slave of Steel shall -- shattered, strength spent -- surrender, sobbing "Sir!" to his snarling superior, Stockholm-Syndrome style, but scarcely at this stage of his submission. Seen in the shadows are stocks, a sling, a suspension structure, scrolls showing Shibari, and such.

    (I could have made this longer but I decided I should stop now.)


  8. dude, how did L not involve lorenzo lamas?!?

  9. Namor and Nightcrawler Noticing A Nosferatu Neil Gaiman Notarizing Nightwing's Nuptials To Ninjette.

    Alternatively - The Ninth Doctor Negating Nineteen Nosferatu Ninjas With Nth Metal Nanites In Neo-Tokyo.

  10. Optimus Prime Overseeing An Overview of Ornithological Origami Organized By Oracle In The Orient.

  11. The Punisher Popping In With A Prudently Procured WWII Fighter Plane To Pummel Predators Preying On Panicked Pterodactyls In A Pre-Civilizaton Period.

    Phoenix, Psylocke and Polaris Pitted Against Power Girl, Phantom Girl and Poison Ivy In The Penguin's Prurient Paintball, Ping Pong and Paddleball Pentathlon.
    (given what you did for "L", I though this would appeal to you :P)

    A Puzzled Peter Parker Photographing Professor Plutonium Pickling Poor, Pink Pikachus.

  12. Martian Manhunter Making Mentally Manipulated Monkeys March In A Memorial Day Parade, Much to Mary Marvel and Metallo's Mutual Merriment.

    Medusa and other Mythological Monsters Masking Mystical Manna Points In MMPORGs While Munching Moon Pies And Mentioning Mudkips.

  13. And lastly, Megatron, Master Mold and the Metal Men Making Motor Oil Margaritas in Mexico.

  14. It’s still a long way but maybe W could be W for Warming of the Ice Caps. Aquaman trying to melt them and create a water world in order to regain (if he ever had) some importance in comics universe.

  15. Maybe (continuing my comment):
    World Warming warning! Water wrath will win. Where will we walk?


    Water-boy will warm our world to win wealth