Thursday, 4 June 2009

Happy 40th of June!

Today is Garen Ewing's 40th birthday, and to celebrate, here is a drawing of him sporting a Lord Kitchener Moustache.
Garen, of course, is one of the most talented cartoonists in Britain. The drawing above is by Sarah McIntyre, who as it happens is also one of the most talented cartoonists in Britain. The moustache is scrawled on top by me. I am... um... one of the most talented cake-consumers in Britain.

Why not visit Sarah's blog and have a go at giving Garen a moustache yourself? I went for the period-appropriate Lord Kitchener, but I think he'd also look great with a Handlebar, a Franz Josef or even a Salvador Dali.

Garen's book The Rainbow Orchid is being published this summer by Egmont UK! I have of course been telling people how great it is for many years now, so am looking forward to this tremendously. You can pre-order a copy from Amazon now, and I recommend in the strongest possible terms that you do so.

Happy Birthday Garen!


  1. Ha ha, brilliant!!!

  2. Yee! I wonder if I could manage to grow that?

  3. I think you owe it to yourself to try.